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Rising damp prevention in Downpatrick

Rising damp is caused by humidity and excess moisture in the air.
Our specialist team can help in controlling rising damp on your premises.

Advanced rising damp treatments

At Down Property Care Ltd, we treat rising damp through the installation of a damp proof course. Rising damp can affect both walls and floors. To treat it, we first remove the internal plaster and coats back to the brickwork at a minimum of 1000mm. We then drill holes in the base of the walls and inject Triton Chemicals’ new-generation DPC formula. This is a water-based thixotropic gel, which diffuses naturally into the substrates. After injection, Tri-Gel reacts to form a water-repellent silicon resin network within the capillaries of the substrate. This network is permeable to water vapour, which means that the walls can breathe and dry out naturally.
rising damp

The signs of rising damp in your property:

  • Horizontal tide marks on the walls
  • Discolouration
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Yellowish staining
Whether it’s about treating woodworm or rising damp, we have effective treatments for all your property maintenance problems.
rising damp

A permanent solution for rising damp

At Down Property Care Ltd, we offer effective and treatments for rising damp problems. 

For the installation of new damp proof courses for your affected walls and floors, get in touch with our expert team today. Our services are available in Downpatrick and across Northern Ireland.
For excellent rising damp treatment in Downpatrick and across Northern Ireland, call us on
028 4483 1687 
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