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Effective woodworm treatment in Downpatrick

Woodworm is the generic term given to a number of wood boring insects. These insects not only lay eggs in timber, but also feed upon the cellulose in wood, damaging its structure. Our experts at Down Property Care Ltd offer preventative woodworm treatment throughout Northern Ireland.

Our role in woodworm treatment

At Down Property Care Ltd, we carry out surveys to identify the areas of woodworm infestation in a property. After identifying the species, we will investigate whether it is active or not. Treatment will be based on the results. Our investigation involves checking floorboards, roof voids and other wooden structures thoroughly. Heavily woodworm infested timber will need to be replaced. 
We use the advanced resin repair technique for woodworm treatment.
resin repair

Advantages of our resin repair techniques:

  • Approved by the HSE
  • We use only water-based microemulsion insecticides, which don’t         damage timber
  • Once each room is treated, it can be re-occupied in an hour
  • The resin can be applied by spray or brush and can be injected in         gel or paste formulations
  • The product used is non-flammable and gives off litle odour
As well as woodworm treatments, we also offer treatments for

Don’t let woodworm affect your timber

No matter where your property is located in Northern Ireland, if you suspect that woodworm is damaging your wooden structures and furniture, get in touch with our expert team.

Since we use advanced techniques and treatments, you can be assured that your home is in safe hands.
To protect your wooden furniture from woodworm, call us on
028 4483 1687 
in Downpatrick.
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